Voice Picking Innovation

With three decades of voice software expertise, Voxware continues to innovate towards one simple goal: to empower voice self-sufficiency in the warehouse.

The reality of today’s warehouse is one of changing business processes, labor, and technology. Unlike some of our competitors who cling to rigid, custom solutions, we recognize that voice must evolve to the next level. Innovation is in our DNA. 

When voice was in its infancy Voxware revolutionized the industry with the first industrial-grade continuous voice recognizer. The software, developed to operate in the most demanding, high noise environments – be it an oil rig, a lumber mill, or a warehouse – remains unrivaled in its ability to deliver accuracy in challenging environments. 

As voice has matured, we have continued to innovate to meet the changing needs of the industry and be the first to bring new technology to market. Voxware was the first to adopt the open VoiceXML standard, the first to deliver hardware independence and the first to offer a packaged software solution. Our goal is to simultaneously deliver greater cost savings and control to our customers with every innovation. 

Voice is no longer simply about increasing accuracy or productivity. Those benefits are a given at this point. Voice is about easily adapting to the changing business and technology needs of the warehouse. Ultimately, it’s about empowering the warehouse to readily make those changes on its own. 

Voxware has been moving in that direction for nearly three decades -- with a proven ability to anticipate the needs of the market and deliver practical innovations that make voice easier to integrate, easier to use, and easier to change. 

With Voxware Voice Management Suite, we provide customers with the greatest flexibility and control of any voice solution on the market. Voxware VMS has the voice applications, toolset, and enterprise voice architecture to empower voice self-sufficiency in the warehouse.