Is Your Voice Picking System Engineered for Change?

Voice picking vendors like to crow about the productivity and accuracy benefits their solutions deliver – but what happens when you want to change the voice picking system?  It usually gets real quiet.

White paper detailing the hidden cost of change that afflicts many voice picking solutions
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Your voice picking system needs to adapt to your warehouse not only today, but also tomorrow.  Best in class companies continually refine business processes, looking for a way to increase their competitive edge – but too often an existing voice picking system can prevent change rather that support it.

How often have you heard that a change will require x months and y dollars, or that the voice picking vendor has to do more coding, or the WMS code has to be opened up along with your corporate checkbook?

Read this white paper to learn how a voice picking system can be engineered for change.  With truly modern software technology, it is possible for voice picking to be an agent of change and a competitive weapon, rather than the reason why your operation can’t evolve.