Enterprise Voice Manager for Voice Picking

Companies with multiple warehouses need to manage voice picking solutions from a central data center. Enterprise Voice Manager makes this possible.

Voice picking solutions don’t operate in a vacuum.  They are an extension of key enterprise software systems that are strategic to the company.  It’s easy for voice picking vendors to hype the operational benefits of their offerings, but modern solutions need to go deeper than the basic payback equation. Companies that operate multiple warehouses need central command and control, flexible management of IT resources, and centralized server options.

The voice picking vendors' conventional wisdom used to be, "Voice picking delivers such great payback, who cares if it can’t fit into your IT technology standards?"  But, as many companies have learned to their regret, when voice directed picking systems are allowed to be an exception to good enterprise IT practices, bad things happen – and the promised financial benefits of voice picking technology can be greatly diminished.

Today’s buyers are looking at all elements of TCO over the life of the solution.  They need enterprise-level services that eliminate the problems associated with managing proprietary, single-site point solutions.  

Voxware’s Enterprise Voice Manager provides the only comprehensive array of such capabilities on the market today.

If you operate multiple warehouses, Contact Us to learn how to "centrally manage, locally leverage."