Pick to Voice in Apparel Companies

Style, color, size.  When companies need software for voice-enabling apparel selection in the warehouse, they turn to Voxware VMS for a solution that fits perfectly.

When it comes to voice picking, apparel industry warehouses have special operational needs.  Garments on hangers, and style/color/size management are critically important.  

Voxware has deployed voice directed picking applications for major apparel retailers and manufacturers.  We know how important it is to support the special needs of this industry, where margins are often tight and supply chain excellence can make a huge difference.  Our software integrates with key WMS and ERP systems from the major suppliers.

To see a Voxware voice picking solution in action at Carter's, just click on the image.

With Voxware Voice Management Suite (VMS), workers do their jobs hands-free and heads-up, with near-flawless accuracy and high productivity.  Voxware 3 solutions are configured, not programmed, so they are quickly created and quickly changed when necessary.  

All this lowers total cost of ownership and compounds the gains realized from improved accuracy and productivity.

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