Voice Picking in the Automotive Industry

You can’t fix a car with the wrong parts. Automotive industry retailers know the value of having the right products on the right shelf. With Voxware Voice Management Suite, perfect orders can be shipped.

Automotive industry leaders look to Voxware for the voice software they need to optimize their warehouse order fulfillment operations. Our product, Voxware VMS, delivers the results they need today, without compromising flexibility for tomorrow. 

Workers do their jobs hands-free and heads-up, with near-flawless accuracy and high productivity. 

Voxware VMS solutions are configured, not programmed, so they are quickly created and quickly changed when necessary. Portability and hardware independence give IT managers the freedom to use their preferred devices, platforms and enterprise systems. 

All this lowers total cost of ownership and compounds the gains realized from improved accuracy and productivity. 

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