Voice Directed Picking in Consumer Goods

With intense competition in the consumer goods market, it is critical to fulfill orders accurately while lowering distribution costs. Voxware enables you to support a demand-driven supply chain and maximize your return on voice.

Today's retailers and consumers are more demanding than ever. Retailers depend upon having the right product on the right shelf at the right time – and that means optimizing the flow of goods. 

Voxware Voice Management Suite (VMS) voice-enables your WMS or ERP system by providing real-time, two way communication with workers that enhances visibility and control over daily operations. Workers get more done with fewer mistakes. Managers spend more time on productive oversight. 

Voxware VMS solutions are configured, not programmed, so they are quickly created and quickly changed when necessary. Portability and hardware independence give IT managers the freedom to use their preferred devices, platforms and enterprise systems. 

All this lowers total cost of ownership and compounds the gains realized from improved accuracy and productivity. 

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