Voice Picking in Food Service

You can’t afford mistakes in food service. Winners in broadline food distribution treat customers like gold, not only getting it right but going beyond what’s expected. Voxware Voice Management Suite helps you make good on your promises, turning satisfied customers into customers for life.

A world of intense margin pressures, aggressive customer service commitments, and constant acquisitions are the challenges facing today’s food supply chain. Warehouse managers must overcome the high employee churn, language barriers, and varying skill and motivation levels. Not to mention the noise and impediments to data collection found in the freezer. 

The improvements in accuracy delivered by Voxware VMS are a proven fact, as are the savings it yields. With it you can easily reduce the expenses of picking errors and related customer service issues. 

Voxware VMS equips workers with a wearable mobile computer and headset that is simple to operate and allows "hands free, heads up" work that is more productive and safer. It's a tremendous advantage in the cold where gloved hands or screens that fog up hamper other data collection methods. 

Our software is configurable, so most programming costs typically associated with system implementation and customization can be avoided. And that adds up to a lower total cost of ownership – something that makes a big difference in a competitive industry where margins are everything. 

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