Voice Picking in Frozen Foods & Ice Cream

At Voxware, we’re not afraid of the cold.  Many of our customers voice-enable freezer operations, realizing tremendous savings.  Faster work.  Better accuracy.  Those are the cold, hard facts.

Voxware Voice Management Suite solutions are deployed in some pretty demanding places – such as freezers.  Always cold, sometimes loud, freezers have long been a challenging environment for RF scanning and paper-based approaches.

When freezer workers need to shuffle paper lists or press buttons through gloved fingers, time is lost and mistakes are made.  Voxware VMS frees these workers’ hands, and voice prompts sharpen their focus.  The result is higher productivity, greater accuracy, and lower costs.

Voxware VMS solutions are configured, not programmed, so they are quickly created and easily changed when necessary.  Portability and hardware independence give IT managers the freedom to use their preferred devices, platforms and enterprise systems.  

All this lowers total cost of ownership and compounds the gains realized from improved accuracy and productivity.

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