Voice Picking in the Grocery Industry

High velocity. Tight margins. In the grocery business, logistics excellence saves huge costs that drop straight to the bottom line. Voxware Voice Management Suite can take your warehouse to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.

In the grocery industry, Voxware VMS software is improving operational efficiency at warehouses every day, including refrigerated and frozen food sites. It empowers your workforce and overcomes the limitations of bar coding for catch weight items such as meat, cheese, and produce. 

Voxware equips workers with a wearable mobile computer and headset that is easy to operate. It’s a tremendous advantage in the cold where gloved hands or screens that fog up hamper other data collection methods. In the freezer, hands-free picking increases accuracy and provides health and safety improvements. 

Voxware VMS is the only solution that lets grocery warehouse managers quickly adapt to changes in business processes, labor and technology. 

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