Evolving retail with voice

Retailers face a changing market. More and more sales are coming through the ecommerce storefront and going right to the consumer - making the warehouse the new front line of customer satisfaction.

Whether selling apparel, automotive parts, electronics, or other consumer goods, the success of all retailers relies on getting the right product to the right customer in a timely manner.  This efficiency and accuracy has never been more challenging – or critical – for retailers as it is now. 

The retail industry is undergoing a metamorphosis as online and mobile shopping continue to escalate at a rapid pace. Worldwide, ecommerce is growing at 19.4% each year, with online sales expected to reach $1 trillion by 2013. These changes have been difficult to keep pace with.  According to a new study by Aberdeen, 1 out of 20 online orders shipped by retailers is either late, incomplete, or both, while 1 out of 10 order selections are inaccurate.  In an incredibly competitive online environment, where consumers have high expectations and often publically share unhappy experiences, these errors have a disastrous impact on customer satisfaction, brand image, and bottom lines. 

Half of a retailer’s distribution center operations is dedicated to order selection.  This process has the largest impact on ensuring swift, accurate customer and store order fulfillment, but it is also the moment where the vast majority of inefficiencies and errors occur.  This is where Voxware’s voice technology can bring tremendous benefits.

Voxware has deployed its Voice Management Suite (VMS) for major retailers worldwide.  We know how important it is to support the special needs of this industry, where margins are often tight, and supply chain excellence can make a huge difference. 

Voxware VMS is easy to learn, allows users to issue several commands at once, and supports multiple languages.  Also, our voice recognition accuracy is 99.9% - even in noisy environments.  By employing our hands-free, high-quality voice solutions, retailers can more safely, quickly, and accurately meet customer needs – helping them build brand loyalty, drive more conversions, and increase profitability.


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