Voice Picking Success at CooperVision

CooperVision implemented discrete order picking and clustered order picking in a challenging zone where pick faces are compact and many SKUs are found in a relatively small area.

CooperVision has been making advanced contact lenses for five decades.  The company is the world's second largest contact lens manufacturer, and the number one maker of toric contact lenses for the correction of astigmatism.


  • Balance headcount to optimum levels
  • Save on overtime cost
  • Improve productivity of new and experienced workers
  • Reduce errors via greater pick accuracy
  • Reduce worker ramp-up time to standard proficiency
  • Leverage real-time information provided by the Voxware system


  • Productivity skyrocketed from 130 to 290 lines per hour
  • Error rates reduced by 85%
  • Training time reduced from several weeks to several hours
  • Implemented “super user mode” beyond “expert mode” to achieve even higher pick rates

Business Value

  • Improved shipment accuracy
  • Reduced number of order checkers
  • Decreased overtime hours 83% while volume increased 10%