Voice Picking Success at Mitchell Grocery

With margins always tight in the food industry, Mitchell Grocery implemented Voxware voice for picking, replenishment, and loading, thereby realizing major cost savings.

Established in 1945, Mitchell Grocery Corporation is a wholesale grocery distribution center serving more than 250 independent supermarkets in the Southeast United States. Mitchell distributes more than 20,000 items, including a full line of grocery, fresh meat, fresh produce, dairy, frozen food, ice cream, health and beauty care, and deli-bakery items.


  • Enhance customer credibility
  • Increase order picking accuracy
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce expenses for unsellable items
  • Leverage voice across different warehouse activities


  • Reduced mis-picks to 2 per 1000 cases
  • Reduced hours required to full same order volume
  • Dramatic reduction in number of unsellable items
  • Improved order accuracy to nearly 100%
  • Significantly reduced shorts through integrated replenishment

Business Value

  • Customer satisfaction increased via printed manifest matching all items in a shipment
  • Cost reduced because the same workforce can process a greater volume of work
  • Streamlined operation