Pick to Voice Success at Somerfield

It’s a chilled warehouse where dozens of workers must coordinate receiving and distribution of thousands of perishable products for timely store delivery.  With Voxware Voice Management Suite, productivity and accuracy are up, while costs are down.

Somerfield employ a major pick to voice application across multiple warehouses.  The company operates over 800 stores across the UK with nine out of 10 located in town centre or neighbourhood locations. The supermarket employs over 42,000 colleagues and has more than nine million customer visits every week.


  • Reduce cost through increases in productivity
  • Improve accuracy of store shipments
  • Leverage real-time integration with Infor WMS


  • Implemented Voxware VMS Pick by Line (Put to Store) to support the flow-through operation
  • Productivity increased by 8%
  • Accuracy improved to 99.97%

Business Value

  • Cost savings realized through productivity increases
  • Customer satisfaction supported through highly accurate shipments to retail locations
  • Real-time activity leverage via interaction between Voxware VMS and Infor WMS
  • Non-English speaking workforce is well-served and highly effective