Voice Technology Solutions

In less than a decade, voice has evolved from an experimental technology pioneered by a few to an industry best practice used by many. At the same time, voice technology has evolved from closed systems to open flexibility. 

Voice technology gained a foothold in organizations because it enabled workers to do their jobs hands-free and heads-up. While traditional solutions such as RF scanning, labels, and pick-to-light are all successful, voice has driven even more cost from the supply chain and improved quality at the same time. 

Pioneered in the grocery industry, voice extended benefits that other industries wanted to experience as well. Today voice is widespread among all industries where manual handling of products is required.  

As the adoption of voice technology has increased, Voxware has continually introduced major innovations to the market. As the first to embrace open standards, the first to achieve hardware independence, and the first to deliver a configurable software product, 

Voxware has provided organizations with the added the long-term benefits of portability, scalability, and adaptability. All the while proving that Voxware voice solutions work for hundreds of customers.  

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