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This website is your resource to learn about voice picking.  You can also visit our Resource Center to view more documents and videos.

White paper detailing the hidden cost of change that afflicts many voice picking solutions

Is Your Voice Solution Engineered for Change?

Voice picking delivers operational cost savings, but what happens when you want to change your business processes?  That's when most voice picking systems reveal their inflexibility.  Learn how an adaptive voice framework is the new "must have" in voice picking technology. Read the white paper now.

White paper explains the requirements for successful recognition accuracy to support voice picking

Does the Voice Recognizer Matter?

You won't get the promised ROI from voice picking if the underlying voice recognition software can't understand what your workers say.  Learn why 99.9% recognition accuracy is a must-have for voice directed picking in the warehouse, and what it takes to deliver this kind of flawless performance to a diverse workforce.  Read the white paper now.

Document enabling voice picking systems to be rated and compared

Voice Empowerment Quiz

Six simple questions – that’s all it takes to reveal the truth about a voice picking system and its ability to empower your warehouse operation over the long haul. Think all voice picking solutions are the same? Think again. Have your voice vendor take this quiz, and learn which factors are most important to success with voice directed picking.  Take the Quiz now.

Information sheet listing mobility devices certified for use with Voxware voice picking software

Mobility Devices Certified by Voxware

Take your choice.  Voxware certified devices from major manufacturers will deliver 99.9% recognition accuracy in even the most demanding industrial environment.  It’s your voice – and your TCO. Click for Product Details.

How pick and pass works with voice picking

See Voxware's Pick and Pass in Action

Voxware 3 Pick and Pass is a packaged voice picking system containing all the options you need to add voice to the highly automated order selection operation. It allows work to be initiated by either a user or the WMS system, and passing work between pickers can be driven by the voice picking system or by the pickers themselves. Watch the video clip now.

How to Manage the Long Term Cost of Voice Picking

Voice picking has evolved from an experimental technology to an industry best practice. The wave of adoption is growing, fueled by many documented cases of double-digit productivity increases and near-zero error rates. Productivity up. Mistakes down. What’s not to like? Read the white paper.

A white paper that explains why voice picking is a best practice in modern warehouses

Aberdeen Insight - A Sound Decision

This white paper explains why voice picking is a best practice, and profiles Voxware customer Black & Decker, who implemented Voxware 3 software for voice directed picking. Read the white paper.

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