Adaptive Software for Voice Picking

Voice picking software comes in two basic varieties:  fixed or flexible.  You can get early benefits even if the voice solution is custom-coded, but you hit the wall when changes are needed.  Agile warehouses need adaptive voice software.

For years people mistakenly thought that voice picking was all about the hardware.  Today they are realizing that voice can be successfully deployed on any number of certified mobile computers – and that software is the real key to success in voice picking.

Many providers offer voice picking custom-programmed to fit your warehouse business processes, but such solutions create problems that drive cost higher when you need to make a change.  That’s because a programmed point solution, once accepted, can only be changed through more programming – and additional expense.

Voxware Voice Management Suite is different. As the industry’s first adaptive voice software product, Voxware VMS is the standard by which other voice software solutions are judged. 

We believe voice picking software should be adaptive by design, not by retrofit.  With adaptive voice software from Voxware, you have a solution that is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to change.  You also have freedom of choice and flexibility for the future – which means that your cost to keep voice in step with your evolving warehouse will always be under control.

It’s one thing to claim that your voice picking software is adaptive.  It’s another to actually deliver adaptability across all dimensions that really matter to your users, your warehouse, and your IT infrastructure.

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