Voice Picking that Adapts to your IT Standards

Your voice picking solution should adapt to your IT infrastructure, not vice-versa.  With Enterprise Voice Manager, voice picking fits into your preferred IT technology stack and supports multiple warehouses.

When voice solutions were being pioneered, every offering was closed and proprietary.  There was only one deployment option – decentralized – and one technology stack supported by the voice vendor.

Today, although voice is now a mainstream technology in the warehouse, the reality is that many systems are still closed rather than open, with few options for deployment. Voxware 3 is leading the way with its Enterprise Voice Manager, part of our Enterprise Voice Architecture.  It gives our customers choices in operating system, DBMS, and web server products.  Beyond that, it enables customers with multiple warehouses to centrally manage their voice solution across all sites.

Enterprise Voice Manager makes our Voxware VMS solutions adaptable to your IT preferences and your warehouse network.  It enables you to more cost-effectively manage software licenses and key IT resources such as servers.  

Companies that add warehouses through acquisition can easily fold new sites into their Voxware VMS solution even when layouts and business processes are different – because everything in Voxware VMS is configurable without programming.  
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