Voice Picking that Adapts to your Hardware

Who wants to be a hardware hostage?  To get the most from voice picking, you need freedom of choice.  Don't be locked-in.  Demand Voice Portability Assurance.

It's a fact:  you can buy a voice solution from a hardware vendor, a system integrator who resells hardware devices, or a voice picking software company.  Every vendor's business model dictates their message concerning which device is the right one.

As a software company, Voxware is dedicated to delivering high-performance voice picking that works on a wide range of certified voice-capable devices.  But beyond that, we've created Voice Portability Assurance – enabling all our voice picking solutions to operate without changes across all of the devices we support.

The notion that only a specific device is right for “intensive” voice picking applications has been proven false by the real-world experience of enterprises who are successful with different devices.

Now, some solution providers are “supporting” devices from different manufacturers – but you need more than “support” – you need portability.  When you look closer, sometimes you find that a different product, tool, or application is needed to operate a given vendor's solutions on different devices.  This means you can't bring in a new device without also changing the underlying product, tool, or application code.

Voice Portability Assurance means that we've done the work to ensure your Voxware VMS voice picking solution will run on any certified device from any of our manufacturers – without changing application code.  That gives you freedom of choice and flexibility for the future.

Contact Us to learn about our 30-step process for certifying voice-capable mobile computers, and how wide your options for voice actually are.