Voice Picking that Adapts to your Operation

Best in class warehouses are nimble and can react quickly to change.  Don’t let inflexible voice software hold you back.  Voxware VMS is engineered for change.

Will you always run your warehouse exactly the same way?  Of course not.  Warehouses are dynamic operations where savvy logistics executives continually refine business processes.  They know that even incremental improvements translate into major savings and a strong bottom-line contribution.

Yet how many times have you been told that it will take too long and cost too much to implement what seems to be a simple improvement?  Why does this happen?  It’s the difference between voice picking software that is custom-coded and inflexible – which can only be changed by more programming – and adaptive voice software that is engineered for change.

At Voxware, we created VoxStudio – a graphical environment for configuring and changing voice solutions.  VoxStudio is based on Universal Configurability – part of the Voxware Enterprise Voice Architecture.

The result is powerful software, making it possible to configure an unlimited variety of voice workflows by assembling about a dozen building blocks.  We’ve pre-built the voice prompts and responses, as well as many operational choices, into these building blocks and made them adaptive.

That's why we deliver voice picking solutions that are easier to implement, easier to use, and easier to change.

We can configure a Voxware VMS solution that’s right for your warehouse.  Contact Us to learn how.