Voice Picking that Adapts to your WMS

Voice is a powerful yet tactical frontline technology.  To keep costs low and maximize ROI, it has to interface with your WMS.  VoxConnect and WMS Adapters simplify this complex task.

Voice software isn’t very adaptive if you have to hard-code the connection with your WMS or ERP system.  Often, what seems like a great idea – embedded “direct connect” voice integration to the WMS – is actually frozen and highly expensive to change.

To get the most out of voice picking, you need to capitalize on your WMS system’s order fulfillment prowess, while being able to make refinements to the voice solution without being forced into a costly project to modify the WMS.  

Voxware Voice Management Suite is designed to adapt to your WMS with VoxConnect, a graphical tool for mapping messages and data between the WMS and the voice picking solution (click here to see the graphical tool).  This, in combination with VoxStudio, makes it possible to make many operational adjustments on the voice side of the solution, in a low-cost and rapid way.

Using these configuration tools, Voxware has also created WMS Adapters for certain widely-used WMS products.  These Adapters contain fully pre-built interfaces and voice solutions such as Case or Cluster Picking.  Voxware’s WMS Adapters further simplify and speed the process of implementing voice – and making changes when you need them.

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