Voice Picking that Adapts to your Workforce

A voice picking solution is inadequate if it can’t adapt to your workers and their workplace.  You need 99.9% recognition rates, no matter what.  And you need different capabilities for trainees and experts.  Voxware has VISE, the world’s most adaptable recognition software.

If a voice picking solution fails, it’s usually because the underlying voice recognition software cannot consistently catch what workers say.  Recognition accuracy is fundamental to getting the ROI you expect from voice.

That’s why we control the recognition software packaged into all Voxware VMS voice picking solutions.  The Voxware Integrated Speech Engine (VISE) has been refined over years to deliver near-perfect recognition accuracy no matter how diverse the workforce or how demanding the work environment.

We’ve successfully run VISE in warehouses that exceed 90 decibels, in freezers with howling fans, even in lumber mills with buzz saws whirling.  Our solutions support workers from many ethnic backgrounds who speak a wide variety of languages.

Beyond recognition accuracy, we've incorporated advanced capabilities into VISE that enable temps to more quickly reach standard KPIs, and your expert workers to attain even higher levels of performance.

You can virtually guarantee success with voice picking if you deploy Voxware VMS and VISE.  Contact Us to learn how VISE can adapt to your workforce and your warehouse.