Voice Picking Empowerment - Vendor Quiz

When evaluating the breadth of functionality of competing voice solutions it’s important to ask yourself whether each solution is fully able to meet the needs of your changing warehouse. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it Adaptable?
As your warehouse evolves with time, will your voice picking solution keep in step, or hold you back? The reality is that voice solutions vary in their ability to adapt to changing business processes and technology. Whereas custom, proprietary solutions are rigid and frozen in time, open software solutions ultimately provide greater flexibility and control.

Is it Configurable?
Any voice picking solution can be changed, given enough time and money to pay for programming. Only advanced voice software is configured via a visual toolset, so it can effectively meet your warehouse’s operational goals as they evolve and handle any input data feed, workflow strategy, and packing requirement. This makes it faster, easier, and less costly to use voice in your warehouse and maximize ROI.

Is it Portable?
If the next generation of wearable computers comes out six months from now, shouldn’t you have the freedom to upgrade without undue hassle and unnecessary cost burdens? It’s called hardware independence. Ask your prospective voice provider about it and request a voice solution that runs interchangeably on leading voice hardware to keep you from becoming a hardware hostage.

Is it Scalable?
Do you have big plans for voice that extend beyond a single warehouse? If so, you need an enterprise voice solution designed to work in a centralized operating model that makes it easy to manage work and implement changes across multiple sites. Scalable voice solutions grow with your business and make it easier to control voice from a single command center.

Is it Reliable?
Warehouses can be noisy places to work. Most voice recognizers cannot deliver 99.9% recognition rates in all conditions, yet that’s what you need to really optimize performance and get the ROI you expect. Be sure to evaluate the warehouse track record of the voice recognizer packaged in the solution you are evaluating.

Is it Affordable?
The affordability of voice ultimately depends on how adaptable, configurable, portable, scalable, and reliable the voice solution is. For voice solutions that rank low on these measures, costs will increase with time, sometimes geometrically, due to changing warehouse conditions. Voice solutions with the greatest degree of flexibility and control deliver the greatest return on voice.