Voice Picking Needs an Enterprise Voice Architecture

Voice picking solutions must operate within a complex technology ecosystem dictated by your existing IT systems and policies.  This is where most voice picking systems create headaches and drive up cost.

Voice picking technology should adapt to the needs of the enterprise, not vice versa.  Your voice picking solution should:

  • Adapt to your workers

  • Evolve with your operation

  • Integrate with your IT systems

Voxware 3 includes the Enterprise Voice Architecture, a breakthrough that makes every Voxware voice solution adaptable, portable, and scalable.  It is the reason our customers enjoy the benefits of voice picking without the drawbacks inherent to customized point solutions.

Without an enterprise voice architecture, voice picking applications are inflexible point solutions, frozen and resistant to change.  This inhibits agility – a key “must have” for best in class logistics operations.

The Enterprise Voice Architecture makes it easy for customers to change processes, choose different devices, and consider new functionality based on operational needs instead of on whether they can afford to pay their voice vendor for another programming project.

Want voice software that adapts to your world?  Contact Voxware to learn more.