Voice Picking Solutions That Can Be Configured

Simplicity is the essence of sophistication. All western music comes from the same 12-tone scale. Likewise, many different voice picking solutions are created from about a dozen VoxBlocks. How? We invented Universal Configurability.

VoxStudio can create many kinds of voice picking, pick to voice, and pick and pack applications for warehouse logistics

Voxware 3 voice picking solutions are created from VoxBlocks, which can be combined and recombined in many different ways to support diverse business processes such as:

  • Each Picking
  • Case Picking
  • Batch (Cluster) Picking
  • Pick and Pass
  • Put to Store (Pick by Line)
  • Loading
  • Replenishment

At Voxware we believe in the power of simplicity.  So we created Universal Configurability for voice picking, a unique software breakthrough that makes it possible to specify a virtually unlimited variety of voice-enabled business processes by using relatively few building blocks.

That’s the power of great software engineering, and it’s unique to Voxware.  Others sell point solutions that they program the old fashioned way.  Still others wrap their point solutions inside a dizzying array of thousands of "selectable configuration options." Selectable how?  

Elegant software simplifies the complex.  That’s what Universal Configurability does for voice directed picking in the warehouse.  We think customers would rather build sophistication into their voice picking operations by using configurable building blocks than wade through thousands of options only to get a fixed point solution in the end.

We encapsulated complex business processes into our VoxStudio toolset, and we also made the WMS inteface configurable through our VoxConnect toolset, because we believe in empowering voice self-sufficiency in the warehouse. Perhaps someday all voice picking solutions will be created this way – but today it’s only available from Voxware.

Want to learn how VoxBlocks can tackle even the most complicated warehouse business process?  Contact Us to get the simple truth.