Pick to Voice Solutions

We do things differently here at Voxware. Most voice picking system providers deliver custom-coded applications. When you invest with Voxware, you get a software product, not a point solution.

Point solutions for voice picking are fixed and frozen. They resist change. Created through an expensive programming project, they can only be changed in the same way. Voxware Voice Management Suite voice picking applications are different. Each one is:

Configurable. So it is created without programming, and quickly modified as your business evolves.

Portable. So you can operate it without coding changes on any combination of certified voice picking computer, OS, DBMS, and web server.

Scalable. So you can integrate it into your IT backbone and manage it from a central location, no matter how many DCs your company operates.

Video clip showing how VoxStudio configuration checkboxes control what the voice picking solution does

Flexibility is built into Voxware VMS applications.  As this short video shows, options that control the worker’s tasks are easily checked in VoxStudio and therefore easily changed, which gives Voxware customers greater adaptability to meet changing business processes.

Voxware VMS applications run the gamut in applying voice picking technology to key warehousing processes, and can be implemented individually or as part of a “wall to wall voice” operational strategy.  

Voice directed order picking is perhaps the most common starting point for deployment of a voice picking solution.  Targeting the most costly business process in most warehouses, Voxware VMS Order Picking delivers proven improvements to productivity and accuracy in order fulfillment.

Voice directed pick and pass is a specialized application of voice picking that applies to highly automated warehouses where workers typically pick part of an assignment and then “pass” a container to the next worker.

Put to Store is a common voice picking solution that is often used in direct store delivery operations.  With Voxware VMS’s expert mode, workers can combine responses to reach new heights of productivity in a voice directed pick by line or put to store solution.

While loading is not the first place that an organization might implement voice picking technology, it can often be streamlined when it is voice enabled, provided that the voice application is dynamic enough to handle the fast-changing conditions common to a busy loading operation.

Replenishment is a key transitional activity that – when optimized – strongly contributes to velocity and order fulfillment accuracy.  Voice picking technology is leveraged with Voxware VMS Replenishment to add a new dimension of real-time integration into this important business process.

Voice picking technology can be leveraged in the Putaway process to ensure that goods are accurately stored where needed, and that back-end systems immediately get data on product locations to support a focus on velocity.

Voice picking activity must be monitored, measured, and managed.  VoxConsole gives warehouse managment the tool they need to stay on top of work as it progresses, and optimize the flow of activity in real time.

Want to get the best in voice-directed picking today without sacrificing flexibility for the future? Contact Voxware today – you will be up and running before you know it.