Voice Directed Loading

At the loading dock, you need to orchestrate your doors, trucks, and loads without compromising speed and accuracy. Give yourself peace of mind with Voxware VMS Loading.

Loading is the point of no return. You only ship what you load, and you must only load what your customers order. Anything else is a logistics and customer service nightmare.

Video showing voice picking technology used to support the loading operation

Voxware VMS Loading supports voice directed real time or batched loading of pallets to make sure everything goes out accurately and on time. It coordinates pallets, loads, doors, and trailers, confirming that workers are at the correct door before loading commences and that pallets are placed on the trailer in the position where they belong.

Voxware VMS Loading is designed for handling dynamic loading environments. It brings voice picking technology to bear on the work required to correctly load and dispatch trailers, and helps site management to respond to constraints at the loading door like shuffling trailers between dock doors, loading pallets across multiple trailers and dynamically allocating pallets to docking doors and/or trailers. 

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