Pick to Voice for Order Fulfillment

Pick it, pack it. Order selection is the warehouse’s highest-cost activity. Order Picking with Voxware Voice Management Suite brings the power of voice picking technology to bear while giving you the flexibility and control you need to streamline your business process and realize major cost benefits.

Voxware VMS Order Picking optimizes the performance of your front line warehouse workforce by delivering near-perfect accuracy and high productivity. Supporting a wide variety of business processes right out of the box, Voxware VMS Order Picking delivers voice picking on your terms. The voice picking system is configured to meet your operational requirements without resorting to a full-blown custom programming project. 

Voxware VMS Order Picking supports virtually any picking technique, any packing requirement, and can work with any kind of data feed. Voice directed picking solutions can be quickly configured through Voxware VMS’s VoxStudio toolset.

With Voxware VMS Order picking, workers in even the harshest environments can leverage voice picking technology to move faster yet make fewer mistakes.

Operational efficiency is improved, safety is stronger, and accidents are curtailed in a voice picking environment powered by Voxware VMS.

Do you need case-pick, cluster picking, or put-to-store? No problem. Do you want workers to tell the WMS which assignments they will process or should the WMS automatically assign each worker’s tasks? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Do you require picked products to be placed into specific containers, with full location tracking and verification? Check. 

Unlike point solutions, Voxware VMS is a full voice picking software product, which means you get the capabilities you need today, without limiting your tomorrow. 

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