Voice Pick and Pass

Highly automated order selection environments have multiple workers handle part of each assignment, yielding the best optimization of people, process, and equipment. Voxware VMS Pick and Pass voice-enables such an operation, taking performance to new heights.

How pick and pass works with voice picking
Pick and pass video clip

Pick and Pass with Voxware VMS is a packaged voice picking system containing all the options you need to add voice to the highly automated order selection operation. It allows work to be initiated by either a user or the WMS system, and passing work between pickers can be driven by the voice picking system or by the pickers themselves. 

Because pick and pass operations can involve the need to batch orders or containers, Voxware VMS Pick and Pass keeps track of every container used in an order, ensures the integrity of items picked by voice, and manages all possible exception conditions. 

There are many ways that an operation can batch orders and containers, and pass them between workers. Voxware VMS Pick and Pass supports a wide variety of business processes through its configurability. 

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