Voice Picking: Put to Store

The clock is ticking. Direct store delivery operations are under the gun to sort products and meet outbound shipping deadlines with flawless precision and accuracy. That’s why they turn to Voxware VMS Put to Store for voice picking technology to meet their needs.

In the world of direct store delivery, there is no tomorrow. Store doors will open on schedule, whether shipments arrive on time or not. The right products must be on the right shelf, or sales opportunities and customer relationships are lost forever.  A voice picking system for put to store operations can make a huge difference.

Video showing pick to voice with expert mode in a fast moving flow through application

Warehouses shipping products to retail locations must perform, both in terms of productivity and accuracy.

That means maximum momentum, minimum mistakes, as seen in this video, which shows a Voxware VMS Put to Store voice picking solution optimizing a "pick by line" process.

Voice picking video showing put to store prompts and responses

Voxware suppots voice picking in many put to store operations, giving them the performance they need.

Workers move down the line, with voice directed picking software guiding them through the process and validating stops and quantities.

Live example of combined expert mode voice pick responses in a put to store operation

Expert workers can combine voice responses using Voxware VMS expert mode, which enables them to move more quickly yet retain high accuracy.

This video shows expert mode in a put to store operation.

With Voxware VMS Put to Store, you get a configurable voice picking software product, not a programmed point solution that is inflexible and resistant to change. 

That means you not only optimize the operation of today – you are ready for the changes of tomorrow. Configurability. Portability. Adaptability. Voxware VMS Put to Store gives you the flexibility and control over voice picking that you need. 

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