Voice Directed Putaway

Velocity in the warehouse begins with receiving and putaway. Goods need to get to the right storage location in minimum time. Putaway with Voxware VMS brings the power of a voice picking system to your putaway process.

Storing products in their correct locations is the key to managing your warehouse inventory. When a product is in the wrong spot, the WMS cannot locate it, and many operations are negatively impacted. 

With Voxware 3 Putaway, you can ensure that the same accuracy experienced by your voice picking operation is also realized in putaway. Voxware VMS Putaway is defined as another workflow in the VoxStudio environment, and is managed right along with all of the other voice picking system processes

Putaway operations can be user-driven, where workers identify the pallet to be stored. They can either put the pallet where directed by the system, or optionally can choose a storage location which is then sent to the system along with task completion information. 

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