Move to the front. To keep velocity high in the warehouse, you need to get products to forward storage areas before slots are empty. Replenishment with Voxware VMS applies voice picking technology to this key task. 

When velocity is high, keeping the racks full can be a tremendous challenge. Our customers rely on Voxware VMS Replenishment to maintain high voice pick efficiency and avoid losing valuable time finding available product for empty picking locations. 

Voxware VMS Replenishment uses voice picking system technology to direct the tasks required to keep order selectors from missing a beat. 

Voxware VMS provides a highly-configurable voice directed replenishment solution to support real-time let-downs and planned replenishment tasks. It supports complex replenishment tasks, including from one location to multiple locations or breaking a pallet and moving to different locations. 

The sequence of replenishment tasks is controlled by configuration options, and there are multiple ways in which assignments can be allocated to workers. The process can be driven by the system or by workers using a variety of techniques, and managers can always change priorities from the Voxware VMS VoxConsole. 

To learn how to extend voice picking to your replenishment operation, Contact Voxware today.