Voice Picking Needs a Robust Recognizer

Most failed voice implementations can be traced to a single factor: software that can’t recognize what workers say. Fortunately Voxware’s VISE always recognizes even the most diverse workforce.

Accurate voice recognition is essential for voice picking software applications and Voxware's VISE delivers optimum performance in high noise warehouses

Warehouses are dynamic and noisy industrial sites where palettes bang on the floor, forklifts raise and lower, conveyors start and stop, trucks come and go, doors open and close, radios play, and intercoms are used.

This is where voice picking systems tackle a job that demands repeated action and quick movement.  The whole justification for voice picking technology depends on increasing worker performance across hundreds of repetitive tasks. 

If the recognizer goofs, the worker must stop voice picking, and the flow of work is broken.  Any time this happens, the voice system is not delivering … more than a few times and workers get fed up.

At Voxware, we know that 99.9% recognition accuracy is essential for maximizing the benefits you get from voice picking.  We designed the Voxware Integrated Speech Engine (VISE) to operate in high noise settings without compromising recognition accuracy.

We invented breakthrough software, and received eight speech recognition patents.  VISE delivers consistently flawless recognition no matter what device is in use, what language is spoken, or what the environmental circumstances may be.

As a result, Voxware voice solutions have been succeeding in warehouses for years. Contact Us to see just how powerful VISE is.