VoxConsole: Managing Voice Picking Operations

Voice picking is the most interactive technology in the warehouse. With VoxConsole, site managers have added visibility into and control of voice picking, and operations executives can tailor the Voxware VMS system for each site as needed.

Your warehouse is a dynamic place with constantly changing priorities. In fact, you may have multiple warehouses that are all dynamic – but have different layouts, products, and business processes.

You need to manage voice picking technology within the overall framework of your WMS – having a tool to optimize the voice picking operation while allowing the WMS to drive order fulfillment and manage inventory. VoxConsole is the ideal tool for voice picking system management.

VoxConsole is more than simply a real time cockpit or work progress monitor, although it does have those essential capabilities. More importantly, it is a command center that can manage voice picking workflows across many warehouses that differ widely in their operating characteristics.

With VoxConsole,

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