Real Time Management- The VoxPilot

VoxPilot is a user-configured interface that takes real time analytics and lets managers turn them into real time action.  

Perceive, Diagnose, Act. VoxPilot is a graphical interface that lets you do it all, with just a few mouse clicks.  Proceed from graphical representations of business process right to the source data.  Observe the data, make a decision, and another click will let you make the necessary changes to keep your warehouse as efficient as possible. It's voice picking management in real time.

VoxPilot is a gadget-powered active dashboard, with full user-specific configurability.  It's an industry-first software invention. Different job roles can be tailored to by changing the gadgets and their orientation.  Every manager at every level is given the tools they need for greater visibility and real time decisions.

Every second a workflow issue lingers, it creates more and more problems. Elminate systematic error and bring active software to your warehouse.