WMS Adapters for Voice Picking

Voice picking extends your WMS, producing rapid ROI that gives you money for other things.  Now, Voxware's WMS Adapters maximize your payback with preconfigured WMS interfaces and voice applications.

Voxware WMS Adapters, developed in collaboration with leading WMS vendors, leverage a defined interface bridge and preconfigured voice applications to save time and money.


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Voice picking solutions are powerful extensions to the WMS but they must not create their own barriers to change.

Many companies have sought the benefits of voice picking only to get "sticker shock" when they see the cost of making the voice picking system work with their WMS and support their business processes. Why?

The old approach to integrating voice picking with the WMS involved expensive custom coding - by the voice picking vendor, the WMS vendor, or both. Some solutions were even directly embedded, with proprietary voice picking vendor code within the WMS itself.  This married the voice solution to a fixed release, mod, and business process set – making any changes an expensive exercise and inhibiting adoption of voice by many companies that needed it the most.

  • Need to alter a voice workflow?
  • Want to change the prompts heard by the worker?
  • Like to have workers speak your terminology? 
  • Plan to save huge costs by switching to a different voice device?
  • Have a great idea for improving the voice business process?

With WMS Adapters, creating the voice-WMS interface is a configuration not a programming activity, using our VoxConnect toolset.  Prebuilt voice applications have also been configured and can be modified with VoxStudio.  The result is faster deployment, lower cost, yet greater operational flexibilty for you.

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