Graphical Toolset - Create Voice Picking Applications

A good workman is known by his tools.  Offering “pretested configuration options” is inadequate without a toolset for configuring those options – that’s why we’ve got VoxStudio.

Sample VoxStudio screens used to diagram and configure voice picking applications

Looks like we had an idea worth copying back in 2006 when we delivered the warehouse industry’s first configurable voice picking system.  

We recognized early on that companies want flexibility, and today it seems as if every voice picking vendor is now talking about configuration options or building blocks. 

But it’s one thing to offer a bewildering array of configuration options.  It’s another thing entirely to have a visual toolset that actually enables the configuration process.  Click here to see how VoxStudio is used to create voice picking solutions.

Despite recent claims of flexibility, the reality is that most voice picking solutions are still built the old fashioned way:  by programming – often using a closed, proprietary language specific to a given device.  The result is a frozen point solution that can only be modified by the voice picking vendor using the same expensive process.

Voxware Voice Management Suite is different.  It includes VoxStudio, a visual GUI based on open standards, in which pick to voice are literally diagrammed without programming.  It’s the difference between the promise and the realization of configurability – the difference between an inflexible and an adaptive voice picking solution.

Click here to see an example of how VoxStudio configuration options drive the functionality of the voice picking solution.

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