Voice Picking Integration with Your WMS

Define, map, transport. Voice picking and your WMS need an easy way to interact that gets the job done today, but doesn't stifle your ability to evolve tomorrow.

VoxConnect makes WMS integration with voice picking easy, without compromising on flexibility (click here to see the VoxConnect graphical tool). Instead of inflexible process-level integration, VoxConnect integrates at the data and message level, making it possible to tailor the voice picking solution and update voice workflows without requiring the WMS vendor to open up their code to make expensive changes.

Traditionally, voice picking solutions were proprietary and closed – and they integrated with WMS packages using outdated legacy techniques such as low-level “direct connect” embedded code and voice APIs.  As a result, companies often got "sticker shock" when they realized that their business processes, or their WMS release level, did not include voice picking in the way they needed it - and they would have to pay to get what they wanted.

Because VoxConnect provides a defined bridge between the voice solution and existing IT systems, it enables the systems to easily interact with one another while protecting the integrity of each. This capability significantly reduces and simplifies integration efforts and allows customers to deploy future releases of systems without the need for major re-work to the integration. It also allows customers to smoothly adapt to technology and business changes as their needs evolve over time. This kind of integration requires open standards and a service-oriented architecture (SOA).  

Leading WMS vendors are moving toward this kind of technology stack.  It's time that the voice picking vendors did the same.   

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