VoxStudio: Configure Voice Picking Applications

VoxStudio is the industry’s only visual tool set for creating voice picking solutions. Packed with power and processing options, it produces positive results without locking you in.

When it comes to voice picking in the warehouse, you want flexibility and control. What many fail to realize is that flexibility and control begin with the way your voice picking system is created. Solutions not designed for change cannot be made adaptable later.

With adaptability in mind, Voxware introduced VoxStudio, the warehousing industry’s only software product for designing and implementing voice picking solutions.

Video clip showing how a voice picking solution is diagrammed using VoxStudio

With VoxStudio, voice picking workflows are literally diagrammed and then assembled from powerful building block components. The resulting voice solutions are software products, not point solutions, enabling customers to take advantage of new features delivered in new releases as voice technology continues to evolve.

VoxStudio creates voice directed picking solutions that are portable, scalable, and adaptable. They not only deliver the accuracy and productivity your warehouse operations need, they are flexible and engineered to accommodate the inevitable changes your company will face in the future.

In contrast to VoxStudio, most voice picking systems are point solutions, programmed to support a company’s specific business processes as they existed back when the voice picking vendor created the solution. They often contain hidden limitations on which devices can be used and how processes can operate. Changing them is ultimately an expensive, time-consuming process – if it can be done at all.

VoxStudio takes the opposite approach. Engineered for change, it provides the performance you need today, without foreclosing on your options for tomorrow.

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