Voice Picking Resource Center

The Voice Picking Resource Center is full of useful videos, white papers, case studies, and product information about how voice directed picking can be successfully implemented.  All resources are free of charge, although a few require a short registration.

Worker explains how training in voice picking was accomplished

Watch Voice Picking Videos!  We've stocked the Voice Picking Resource Center with many video clips - all the way from short examples of voice directed picking to full blown video case studies that highlight successful Voxware customers.

Case study of voice picking as implemented at Dunkin' Donuts

Read Voice Picking Case Studies!  Real-world examples of voice directed picking that got results.  Voxware customers share their experience in the use of voice picking software, and the benefits they've realized.

A white paper that explains why voice picking is a best practice in modern warehouses

Learn from Voice Picking White Papers!  Voice picking isn't a superficial topic.  For more thorough treatment of the real issues behind success or failure with voice directed picking, download a white paper - some  written by Voxware and others by industry analysts - and learn the keys to winning with voice picking software.

Information sheet describing voice picking application software

Get Voice Picking Software information!  Software is the crucial element that determines just how successful you will be with voice picking, and whether your costs will be low or high over time.  Download information about software for voice picking, and learn the difference that Voxware 3 software can make to your organization.