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Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed deployed the first Cloud VMS picking solution to keep up with their fast-growing pet retail chain.

Burlington Drug

Burlington Drug

Voxware has helped Burlington Drug achieve goals of increased productivity, efficiency, and green profile.

Video of voice picking implementation at Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster

Publishing giant Simon & Schuster realized huge productivity gains and major cost reductions via voice picking

Video Case Studies

Video of voice picking as implemented by Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts

Voice picking is making a big difference at Advance Auto Parts, where pick accuracy has gone sky-high. See the Voxware voice picking system in action.

Video of pick to voice as implemented by Argos


Argos, the unique multi-channel UK retailer, uses pick to voice from Voxware to achieve extremely high pick quality and accurate store deliveries.

Laddaw Case Study

Laddaw Case Study

The world’s largest dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement company implements voice.

Video of voice picking as implemented by Carter's


Hear how Voxware VMS was seamlessly integrated with Manhattan Associates' WMS in record time, while delivering unprecedented operational flexibility to Carters' for their voice picking deployment.

Video of voice picking as implemented by Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

See voice picking in action at Dunkin' Donuts Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center. Hear executives and order selectors talk about how voice directed picking has reduced operating cost while improving key performance indicators.

Video of pick to voice as implemented by HarperCollilns


See how HarperCollins' UK distribution centre has realized significant accuracy and productivity gains from voice picking supplied by Voxware.

Video of voice picking as implemented by Norris Food Group

Norris Food Group

Norris Food group is an imporant distributor for 7-Eleven convenience stores, and they use Voxware voice picking technology to realize high peformance standards.

Video of voice picking as implemented by Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group

Watch voice picking at Performance Food Group, and hear how Voxware delivered the operational results the company wanted - and then some.

Video of pick to voice as implemented by Somerfield


See pick to voice as it is implmented in a pick by link operation in a fresh goods distribution centre that delivers to over 200 Somerfield stores.

Hear What Managers and Users Say

Video clip on cost savings in one area attributable to voice picking
$180,000 savings for Dunkin' Donuts in just one area
Video clip of HarperCollins executive talking about the benefits of pick to voice
"We see this as a great project"
Video clip of manager explaining how errors are prevented with voice picking
Manager speaks about error prevention
Video clip on accuracy benefits of voice picking
Why accuracy matters to the COO
Benefit Statement from Argos.
"Voxware is absolutely critical to us"
Video clip of Dunkin' Donuts COO relating how voice picking has impacted his organization
"Talk to our staff - they are excited"
Video clip of user telling why he likes voice picking
"I like voice because ..."
Video clip of manager detailing accuracy benefits of voice picking
"The key differentiator has been quality"
Video clip of Progistix executive speaking about the benefits of voice picking
"We are seeing dramatic productivity improvements"
Video clip on why pick to voice is superior to paper picking
Supply Chain Director talks about going from paper to voice
Video clip of user speaking about learning to use the voice picking system
Hear How Easy Voxware is to Learn
Video clip of HarperCollins warehouse manager relating efficiency gains of pick to voice
"We gain massive efficiencies"
Video clip of Somerfield accuracy and productivity benefits from pick to voice
"Voice has delivered a big improvement"
Video clip of Norris Food Group president talking about benefits of voice picking for Spanish speakers
"Most of my employees speak Spanish"
Video clip of HarperCollins user talking about the benefits of pick to voice
"It's a lot faster, and there's not as many mistakes"
Video clip of Nestle manager talking about how quickly workers reach standard KPIs with voice picking
"Within a week they reach a good level of efficiency"
Video clip of hands-free work made possible by voice picking software
"You're always moving along now"
Video clip on accuracy impact of voice picking
"Accuracy Has Gone Dramatically Up"
Video clip of warehouse manager talking about results obtained from voice picking
"Voxware - an out of the park home run"
Video clip of Carter's executive speaking about how fast a voice picking solution was delivered
"It was amazing how quickly Voxware delivered"
Video clip of PFg executive discussion ROI of voice picking
"Voxware is rolled out to 18 DCs"
Video clip about reduction in mis-picks with voice picking
"We wanted to cut down on mis-picks"
Video clip about how selector focus improves with voice picking
"The accuracy is phenomenal"
Video clip of PFG executive talking about voice picking as opposed to paper picking
Benefits of working hands-free
Videos clip of how voice picking is a self-training mechanism for workers
"They are teamed up with Voxware"
Video clip of voice picking and worker incentives
"Our selectors can be the best they can be"
Video clip of PFG executive talking about Voxware as a voice picking business partner
"Voxware has been fantastic as a partner"
How Voxware voice picking handles high noise
We have a high noise environment
Burlington Drug on Feedback from Their Sales Reps
Hear how increased accuracy benefits sales reps
Burlington Drug Manager Talks About Going Green
Hear how Voxware helped this company go green.
Burlington Drug Talks About 99.9% Accuracy
Hear how Burlington Drug achieves 99.9% accuracy with Voxware
Getting New Hires Up to Speed at Burlington Drug
Within 3 hours new hires are picking as quickly and accurately as seasoned workers
Burlington Drug Accesses Their Voxware Voice System
"We know that Voxware was a good decision"
Burlington Drug Now Has Picking Reports for Each Warehouse Worker
Manager talks about the benefits to now having detailed reports of each picker's activities
Waiting for Pick Sheets is a Thing of the Past at Burlington Drug
Pickers can get started faster without pick sheets