Voice Picking Traceability with Voxware Voice Management Suite

Voice picking can be leveraged to capture traceability data, if your voice solution is Voxware VMS.  With COPS, Voxware VMS's traceability feature, your voice picking application will capture, organize, post, and share key traceability data.

Nestle executive explains how voice picking gets new workers up to speed quickly

Traceability in the food supply chain is an increasingly important issue.  Voxware’s voice picking systems have always provided a means for recording traceability data.  In fact, traceability is sometimes the driving reason behind going with voice directed picking, as this executive from Nestlé explains in a short 30-second video clip.

Voxware VMS supports traceability through a feature called COPS.  Voice picking is fully integrated with the key activities needed to effectively manage product traceability data:

  • Capture
  • Organize
  • Post
  • Share

These four actions allow traceability data to be recorded at key touch points defined by our customer, and then transmitted as needed to other systems.  Integrated scanning done inline with voice directed picking, is the usual mechanism for recording GTIN and lot numbers from the GS1-128 barcode.

To comply with external traceability standards, food distributors need to record traceability information for every case of produce received and shipped.  They must then be able to provide data to support a “one up, one back” tracking.

In addition, some companies may elect to record internal traceability data to validate case movements within their facilities.

Voxware VMS with COPS Traceability supports all of these initiatives.  You can learn more about COPS traceability in Voxware VMS by downloading the COPS product information sheet.