Voice Picking Soutions Must be Portable

If your voice picking system isn't portable, you'll need to get out your wallet if you want to move to a new device.  Voice Portability Assurance is key to low TCO.

Voice picking applications that are portable also save more cost and provide lower TCO for warehouse operations in the long run

Voxware is the only vendor whose voice picking solutions operate unchanged across an array of wearable computers, operating systems, DBMSs, and web servers.  We demolished the myth that only certain devices could handle "intensive" voice picking applications.

Now the selection of voice picking hardware is the tactical yet important cost-centered choice that it should be. Choosing OS and DBMS is driven by IT priorities, not dictated by voice vendors.

The voice picking market has evolved along predictable lines.  The first solutions, fielded over ten years ago now, were closed and proprietary.  Vendors delivered highly custom solutions – manufacturing wearable computers, programming fixed software applications, and selling services needed to deploy voice.

But customers were locked in.  Voxware changed all that with Voice Portability Assurance.

While a new day has dawned, customers need to be careful when evaluating voice picking vendor claims.  Many "support’" devices from different manufacturers, but usually the software isn’t portable.  To change devices, you have to pay the vendor to reprogram the voice solution.  And most offer no choice of OS and DBMS.

Like the idea of portability with no strings attached?  Contact Us to discuss how broad your options really are.