Design, Deploy, and Operate Voice Picking Solutions

Voice picking traditionally entails an expensive custom programming project to voice-enable your operation and integrate the voice picking system into your IT infrastructure.  To reduce cost and risk, the industry needs a packaged software product for voice picking.  Voxware VMS is that product.

Voice picking software has the biggest impact on your long term cost and flexibility with voice directed picking operations.  Yet voice picking solutions are almost always created by custom programming – so you get a one-of-a-kind solution that runs on one target device and can only be modified by your voice picking solution vendor.

At Voxware, we think there’s a better way.  Voice picking software should come packaged as a product, not a point solution.  But to create such a product, a vendor needs to do the real heavy lifting:  create a way to diagram and configure voice solutions, and an architecture that is engineered for change.


Voxware Voice Management Suite meets this challenge head-on.  It is the only packaged software product for voice picking in the warehouse that combines voice picking solutions, a toolset for designing and configuring the voice picking system, and an enterprise voice architecture that makes the resulting voice picking applications portable, scalable, and adaptable.

Image of Voice Picking Software Product in Three Tiers