Voice Management Suite in the Cloud

Introducing Cloud VMS: the industry's best voice solution available with remote hosting.

Voxware Voice Management Suite enables higher distribution standards for business that want to reach better customer satisfaction and a greater company brand. Now Cloud VMS unlocks these benefits for businesses that don't have or need a significant IT infrastructure.

Despite its low cost and fast installation, Cloud VMS offers the same, full end-user experience that the enterprise version of VMS has been delivering for years. Streamlined implementation and cloud hosting let Voxware deliver VMS at a low, all-inclusive monthly fee without compromising the technology and its value to business.

See benefits faster than ever. Cloud VMS delivers all the productivity and accuracy boosts of a traditional voice deployment - and gets it to you much faster. Because of the minimal IT setup, implementation can run less than three weeks from the word "go" to your first voice-assisted picking shift.

Cutting out on-site hosting setup gets your operation to a higher efficiency faster. It also provides you with a more immediate ROI window. Without large up-front investments into infrastructure, the project pays for itself faster than a locally-hosted solution ever could.

Get voice without the overhead risk. Because there is no large capital expenditure, no IT infrastructure to put in, and no complicated project to staff and manage, entry cost is very low - but the benefits begin to roll in as soon as users are comfortable with the system.

Companies do not need to do a wholesale change-out of their existing system. They keep using the systems they are already familiar with.  This shortens time-to-value because VMS-Cloud is simply bolted on to the existing operation to make your processes more efficient.

Scale as you go, and only pay for what you use. Cloud VMS is accessed by a monthly subscription based on the number of users a warehouse needs, but it doesn't lock into an inflexible user cap. Traditionally, users of voice technology had to purchase enough mobility devices and software licenses to accommodate their peak season,  when the workforce can swell to a very large size.  This means that some units and licenses go unused for a good part of the year, adding overhead to the voice system.

Cloud VMS offers customers the ability to add users on a temporary basis, and then de-commission those users when they are no longer needed. In true Cloud fashion, customers only pay for what they use, keeping the operating cost of the Voxware system at the lowest possible level. In the same way, the back-end IT resources, hosted by Voxware, can scale as needed to accommodate peak periods.

Start your evaluation... right now. Thanks to the flexibility of the Cloud, a voice picking implementation can start right here on the web. Find out more.

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