Voice Picking in the Cloud

Any warehouse - regardless of size - can get the benefits of voice picking with remotely hosted software.

Voice picking consistently delivers operational improvement that leads to better customer retention and a culture of success in the warehouse. Yet the infrastructure required to install a voice solution kept some businesses from bringing their distribution operation to a new level.

Cloud-hosted voice from Cloud VMS changes all that.


How does the cloud work?

The Cloud, or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is software that is hosted elsewhere. A user maintains a subscription to access the software over the internet. There's no installation and no need for new hardware, more memory, or maintenance.

Hosting services handle all the maintenance involved with keeping servers and data security running, while you access the software over a standard broadband internet connection.

Benefits of the cloud

No more servers. Remote hosting means a warehouse operation no longer has to purchase, house, and maintain servers. After buying the hardware, it requires constant attention. Maintenance is a persistent issue. And the costs don't get any smaller: the power required to run the servers and keep them cool makes their ownership a significant expense.

No IT? No problem.  Cloud hosting means that a great deal of IT work and cost is handled elsewhere. Whereas locally-hosted solutions require keeping a staff capable of handling hardware maintenance, installing software upgrades, and maintaining data security, a cloud solution includes all these services as part of a subscription fee. 

Shift risk elsewhere. What happens when an upgrade is botched? What about when server security is breached? Or hardware fails randomly? All of these concerns are handled by the cloud hosting service, whose only focus is that your software is up and running at all times. 

Is the cloud a fit for my operation?

If you are looking to leverage your distribution operation towards better business but you don't want or need an extensive IT investment, cloud may be right for your operation. Find out more.