Voice Picking On Your Terms

Voice picking should adapt to your warehouse, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve developed voice directed picking software that is easier to integrate, easier to use, and easier to change.

At Voxware, we have one simple mission: to empower voice self-sufficiency in the warehouse.

We were the first to embrace software as the future of voice picking, recognizing custom solutions for what they are: rigid and resistant to change. While other providers dragged their knuckles, Voxware evolved voice directed picking by developing the industry’s only software package with voice picking applications, voice toolset, and an enterprise voice architecture. The result is an unprecedented level of flexibility and control and the industry’s highest return on voice. 
Video portraying voice picking software vendor Voxware

Voxware gives our customers the widest possible choice and the greatest level of control. We pioneered the adoption of open standards and Internet-based protocols to ensure that Voxware VMS runs interchangeably on leading voice hardware devices, fits your IT roadmap, and adapts with your evolving warehouse. Simply put, Voxware Voice Management Suite is easier to integrate, easier to use, and easier to change than any other solution on the market. Now that’s voice on your terms.

Easier to Interface. Voxware VMS is portable, open, and scalable, with graphical tools for quick WMS integration.

Easier to Use. With Voxware VMS, your workers will reach new heights in performance and your managers will deliver better results at a lower operational cost.

Easier to Change. Voxware VMS is configurable to meet any distribution center’s operational requirements and is engineered to enable fast changes, product enhancements, and new releases.

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