2022 – The Time is Now to Prioritize Voice Automation

2022 – The Time is Now to Prioritize Voice Automation

As another calendar year turns, we’re filled with hope and optimism for a fresh start and a new beginning. Unfortunately, the challenges from the previous year don’t just disappear when the ball drops. Action needs to be taken. Work needs to be done. But the results that await those who make positive changes are well worth it.

We’re talking about ways to easily and affordably improve your distribution operations. Are you committed to making positive changes that will result in exceeding your customers expectations all the time? If so, you’re going to like what you’re about to read.

Every organization, big or small, regional or national, independent or chain is searching for ways to save money but still be able to maximize the performance of their team. When looking at the multitude of options available today to support all warehouse functions, voice automation is proven to be a cost-effective solution to optimize the workforce.

Voice automation from Voxware consistently helps warehouses operate 30 percent more efficiently and provides picking accuracy exceeding 99.99 percent. With much of the success and failure to meet customer expectations falling on warehouse services and their ability to move product promptly and accurately through the distribution or fulfillment center, it’s best to rely on a solution that is known to improve employee performance for all distribution center functions, especially item selection or picking.

Another benefit to deploying a voice automation solution like Voxware includes the ease of onboarding. Everyone is facing a similar challenge as it relates to finding and retaining workers. With the introduction of VoxTempo, its Natural Language Voice Recognition (NLVR) engine, Voxware has effectively eliminated the need for voice training, facilitating the ability to strap on a headset and immediately begin issuing commands which the system will recognize, register and provide a response.

Companies can bring on temporary or full-time workers and have them be as productive as experienced workers in minutes. Additionally, VoxTempo delivers far superior accuracy than the traditional speaker dependent or independent model used in industrial environments as well as popular consumer models utilizing similar technology.

From an affordability standpoint, the value of voice automation can’t be matched. Voxware’s SaaS (Solution as a Service) subscription enables companies to deploy voice automation more easily and affordably throughout their distribution center. Not only does the model reduce the upfront capital investment for new customers by 80 percent, but it also helps them set operating costs and stabilize the year-on-year budgeting process.

With this model, Voxware removes many concerns different organizations face. In addition to its white-glove service, it includes all hardware and software, allows for automatic software upgrades and hardware device refreshes, ensuring the latest technology is always in the hands of the workforce.

As customer expectations continue to rise, automation will be critical and companies that have not taken the initiative to optimize their distribution operations will struggle to deliver the flawless experience that is expected of them.

For companies willing to make the positive changes that will improve their distribution operations and turn it into a competitive advantage, Voxware is ready to help. Contact Voxware today to learn more about how their voice automation solutions can optimize your workforce, save you money and help you exceed your customer expectations.

Don’t let another year go by. Make 2022 the year you prioritize voice automation.

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