After years of managing supply chain operations with spreadsheets and manual calculations, supply chain leaders can finally take advantage of advanced analytics to revolutionize supply chain operations. However, with so much information about Big Data and analytics available, myths on what predictive analytics can actually accomplish for an organization still persist.

To help supply chain leaders who are thinking about deploying predictive analytics, here we clarify three common misconceptions related to analytics in the supply chain:

Supply chain analytics are a long way off.

Reality: After years of seeing other departments leverage advanced analytics tools, the supply chain no longer needs to look on. Voxware’s Intellestra is available now to any supply chain that wants to build use cases to address unique challenges in their supply chain.

Analytics for the supply chain can only look backward.

Reality: Analytics tools like Voxpilot help companies take a descriptive and reactive view of performance to understand if benchmarks have been met, predictive analytics platforms, such as Intellestra, can also look forward and help drive in-the-moment decision-making. For example: delivery scenarios can help companies move departure times up to avoid delays before it’s too late and staffing scenarios can test the likely outcome of bringing on temporary hires for a busy season before the hiring process even begins.

Pulling data from multiple available sources can only be done with sophisticated homegrown solutions.

Reality: Supply chains need to access and analyze data from multiple disparate sources, which is why Intellestra was purpose built for the supply chain. Intellestra can receives and interpret data from multiple sources, including VMS, WMS, TMS and more to make it easy to view in a single portal without lengthy in-house development work. Supply chain leaders can autonomously run the reports they need.

Intellestra can help organizations run more effectively.  To learn more about how Intellestra can help your supply chain leverage data to drive better decision-making, contact us today.