Augmented Reality in the Warehouse: PROMAT Showcase

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from science fiction and action movies over the decades, it’s that formerly fictional technology often becomes our current reality.

That’s certainly the case with augmented reality (AR), which combines technology and human labor to optimize worker efficiency.

For example, with augmented reality for the warehousing industry, AR users wear Smart-Glasses equipped with cameras, microphones, and screens that add task information to their field of vision.

Rather than having to type in data or operate a handheld device to capture information as they work, AR users just speak a voice command to scan a barcode or capture an image they’re seeing. This streamlines tasks and makes them significantly easier and faster to do, with better levels of accuracy.

This kind of technology seemed like a far-fetched idea not long ago, but it’s now part of real workflows in many warehouses, thanks to Voxware’s Augmented Reality Solution.

It’s a solution we developed specifically for warehouses and distribution centers to help them improve their worker performance and optimize their processes—and the results speak for themselves.

By combining our AR technology with our voice-directed picking software and real-time data capture from Zebra multi-modal mobile technologies, companies are achieving more than 30% efficiency gains.

They’re also getting more productivity out of their workers and fulfilling more orders with their existing staff, at a time when the entire industry is struggling with labor shortages.

We debuted our technology at PROMAT 2017 and we’ll be demonstrating an entirely new AR experience at booth #S3975 at PROMAT 2019 in Chicago on April 8-11.

But to get a sense of how our AR works and what it can do for your warehouse, here’s how it can help you in several crucial ways:

Vision Picking

By using Smart-Glasses with task information in their field of vision, workers can pick orders and scan items with their hands free, without wasting time and effort handling extra devices and switching between them. This adds up to hours and shifts’ worth of labor savings and improved efficiency in busy warehouse operations.

Greater Accuracy and Agility

AR’s efficiency and visual error-proofing enable same-day deliveries without errors and ensure excellent customer experiences with 99.9+% picking accuracy.

Transparency and Image Verification

AR-enabled image capture is an easy and precise way to provide documentation that orders are fulfilled, packed, and shipped as specified.

As items are selected and prepared for shipment, packers wearing Smart-Glasses give a voice command and capture a photo to confirm that ordered items are packed correctly and leave your facility in pristine condition. It’s also documented evidence for filing claims with third-party shippers and refuting false claims from consumers.

Returns and Receiving

AR technology provides the ability to efficiently and accurately process returns by ensuring the right product is being returned and confirms the reason for the return.

Real-Time Supervisory Monitoring

By viewing what AR users are seeing, managers can monitor work in progress in real time and use data collected by the AR technology to improve training and analyze opportunities for improvement.

These transformative advantages are why more than 70% of supply chain operations plan to adopt wearables and mobile technology in the near future, according to MHI.

In fact, 23% have already done so, and this includes a growing number of companies that are turning to AR.

Ultimately, however, seeing is believing, so we invite you to sign up now to be among the first to see our latest Voxware AR at PROMAT 2019. We’ll be in booth #S3975, or you can contact us now to request a free demonstration.

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