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As the next evolution of our voice management solution, Voxware Augmented Reality (AR) brings multiple technologies, voice and scanning together with vision and image/video capture — so workers can use the right technology for the task at hand and streamline work throughout the distribution center. AR users wear Smart-Glasses equipped with cameras, microphones and screens that add task information to their field of vision. Rather than having to type in data or operate a handheld device to capture information as they work, AR users simply give a voice command to scan a barcode or capture an image they are seeing. This makes tasks far easier and faster to do, with the highest levels of accuracy.

Benefit from a leap in productivity and efficiency.

Voxware’s Augmented Reality capabilities can produce tremendous improvements in performance and process.

  • Flexibility of multiple modalities. Employees can use and/or combine the right technology, matched to the specific task at hand, to perform their work.
  • Optimized workforce efficiency. An employee’s interactions with Voxware’s AR technology can be tailored to the individual, thus helping to increase personal productivity.
  • Greater accuracy and agility. Accomplish same-day deliveries without errors and ensure excellent customer experiences with 99.9+% picking accuracy.
  • Transparency and image verification. Image capture enabled by AR technology is an easy and precise way to provide documentation that orders are fulfilled, packed and shipped as specified.
  • Affordable innovation. Through this unique SaaS offering, Voxware customers may implement augmented reality technology and quickly take advantage of changes, product enhancements and new releases as they become available.

Keith Phillips,President of Voxware :

“Technologies in our AR solution include voice, scanning and vision, as well as digital photography and video capability. The intent is to give the worker the ‘right technology combination for the job’… making the human worker more efficient and taking costs out of the supply chain.”

by SupplyChainBrain at ProMat 2017

Benefit from a leap in productivity and efficiency.

Easily apply AR functionality to fulfill your customer’s most demanding requirements with agility and precision.

  • Vision picking. Using Smart-Glasses equipped with screens, cameras, scanners and microphones, your workforce enters a new era of efficient hands-free picking and increased productivity.
  • Packing and shipping. As items are selected and prepared for shipment, packers wearing Smart-Glasses can simply give a voice command and capture a photo to confirm that ordered items are packed correctly and leave your facility in pristine condition. Voxware’s AR capabilities give you documented evidence for filing claims with third-party shippers and refuting false claims from consumers.
  • Returns and receiving. AR technology provides the ability to efficiently and accurately process returns by ensuring the right product is being returned and confirms the reason for the return.
  • Real-time supervisory monitoring. By viewing what AR users are seeing, managers can monitor work in progress in real time and use data collected by the AR technology to analyze opportunities for improvement.
  • Applications for tasks across the distribution center. Voxware AR can simplify a wide variety of processes by adding technology that allows specific work to be accomplished more efficiently and accurately.

“MHI expects 70% of facilities to adopt wearables in the next five years. It could be as simple as a barcode scanner that eliminates the need for manual data entry, or as complex as smart glasses that identify what exactly a person should pick through augmented reality.”

Supply Chain Dive
“Why 70% of facilities may deploy wearables in 5 years”
August 2018

What makes our solutions different?

Simply put, Voxware solutions enable you to deliver more accurately and adapt more efficiently by having essential information exactly when and where you need it.




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